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Construction Activities Map

Data Layer Menus

The left-hand Jump to menu includes multiple map display functions:

  • Select a Region link to auto-zoom into the corridor alignment for the selected area.

The right-hand Legends & Layers menu includes map display functionality to toggle map layers on/off.

Select Reset Map link to restore map display to original settings.

Map Functions

  • The map viewer includes a zoom tool to enlarge/decrease map display, designated by the "+" and "-" symbols.
  • Click-and-hold left mouse button anywhere on map to "drag" map display in any direction.
  • Hover mouse over any section of the Corridor Alignment for a label identifying Project Sections.
  • Select any Project Section to display a pop-up window with section details.
  • Select any Project Station location (white circle icon) to display a pop-up window with station details.


The California High-Speed Rail Construction Activities interactive map is a high-level representation of high-speed rail project sections, existing and proposed stations, and planned/anticipated construction activity.

The content presented herein is informational only and should not be construed as final. The actual details, schedule and improvements for the project sections and stations are subject to change at any time without notice.

All persons and entities interested in submitting a bid with respect to any aspect of the proposed improvements should not rely on the information set forth in this map. The California High-Speed Rail Authority will not pay any claims based upon reliance on or interpretation of, the information set forth in this map.